Prenatal Kriya Yoga Book

Prenatal Kriya Yoga Book


This 300 page book of insightful teachings, shares knowledge and wisdom that ranges from yoga asana to Kriya techniques that can help find more balance in life. Lovely photos and detailed diagrams help to illustrate points.

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"I look forward to sharing the wisdom of the Kriya Lineage with you in my book as your journey unfolds. May you be blessed with a healthy and well balanced child, but in case you are not, may you find the tools to help you become more and more balanced."

~Camella Nair

Swami Nibhrtananda




"This is really an amazing book or encyclopedia on just exactly how to live, both in pregnancy and outside of it. It is a wonderful piece of work/seva."

~Dr Shanti Rubenstone, M.D.


"I'm a beginner when it comes to yoga and absolutely loved practicing it with Camella during my pregnancy. It helped me to open and realign my body as well as get rid of lower back pain that intensified as my belly grew.  I also learned stretches that I could do at home or in the office. In addition, I feel stronger emotionally. To my surprise, I wasn't the only one who benefited from my practice. My husband wouldn't let me miss a class and our weekends were planned around it."

Erica Pereira Kubr-beginning yogi & mother


"I have two small children and both my pregnancies were not comfortable with periods of throwing up and even weight loss, but also some psychological trauma as my subconscious threw up a lot of stuff from forgotten events in my childhood and past......chanting mantras, especially OM, brought peace  and calm."

Chandra Ganguly -  student, mother & yoga teacher


"Thank you Camella for writing "Prenatal Kriya Yoga," This is the ONLY book that I have knowledge of, which covers the understanding of esoteric Kriya Yoga in relationship to pregnancy birth and mothering. It is the book I wish I had 15 years ago when I first entered this wonderment myself. The deep teachings of Kriya Yoga are presented in Camella's work. She has a unique gift of putting these deeply esoteric studies into her reader's modern world perspective.

Lisa Bergly (Swami Swaroopananda)-RYT, owner of Spirit of the Lake Yoga Studio & creator of "Yoga Bonding"