This course is a deep immersion into the Mystical Kriya Yoga tradition that is not usually taught in most prenatal programs.


This is a unique and deep yoga teacher training program that allows the student to study at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own home. There will be about 3 hours of self-study material each week that you will be expected to read, or to listen to, review and answer study questions, and complete assignments.(for yourself. This is tarka or self reflection)


The program is set up with the following chapters over the course of the nine months of a pregnant mother's development. Each month takes the student deeper into the studies and the beautiful mysteries of yoga, pregnancy, and childbirth.


This Home Study Course Includes the Following:


Course Work:

1. Self-Development-This powerful section leads to deeper understanding of self during this time of transformation and understanding the transformation in others.


2. Notes on Asana Practice-Information on how and when to use asana, and particular areas of focus.


3. Asana Practice-Asana suited for the prenatal and postnatal practice, as well as, special sections using a ball, foam rollers and Aqua Yoga.


4. Theory and Philosophy-Learn how to apply the principles of yoga philopsphy to pregnancy and motherhood.


5. Teaching Skills and Techniques-Deepen teaching skills for classes directed at prenatal and postnatal students.


6. Anatomy and Physiology-Gain deeper understanding of the changes that take place within the pregnant body.


7. Reading Assignments-Specific related segments of "Prenatal Kriya Yoga" and other sources.


8. Case Studies and Questions-More introspective looks at each month's theme with personal views to journal and share with advisor.


9. Study Questions-Recaps of each month's lessons to show understanding of material covered and to be turned into advisor.


10. Study Guide-To set goals for organizing time to study each month.


Guest Lectures and Special Topics Include:

~Common Issues and Concerns in Pregnancy

~Mom and Baby Astrology

~Ayurveda and Pregnancy

~Links to audio files by faculty members 

~Pelvic Floor Study

~Spirituality and Motherhood

~Special Asana Section: Aqua Yoga & Yoga Ball

~The Business of Teaching Prenatal Yoga  


Personal Advisor:

Each student will be able to schedule a monthly advisory call with Camella to help clarify any points. Yes, I am here for you!


Log your hours of study and add them to your teacher training profile for non-contact hours.


Home Study in pre/post natal beyond asana

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The Tuition for the 9 chapter self paced

 Home Study Program is





 around 108 non-contact hours 












All recordings now online for you to listen to in your own time.