This is an in depth program with many pieces. This page hopes to help clear any questions that you may have. If not, feel free to contact us for clarifiaction.


"If I start in a few months time, can I still come to the first scheduled retreat in the spring of 2015?"


"Yes, absolutely, you can. If you have not finished all of your assignments and study questions before then, you will just need to complete and send them in before your certificate is sent to you."


"If I am reading the website correctly, I notice that you are not penalizing me for splitting the payments up in monthly installments. Is this correct?"


"Definitely,we don't want to burden anyone unnecessarily financially."   



"Is there a deadline for each month's work to be sent in?"


"Good question, but no. It is a self-paced program. Take as long as you need to embody the teaching and make whatever is important to you, your own."



"Will there be CEU's I can apply to my Yoga Alliance profile?"


"Yes. Camella is refining each month at the moment and when she is happy that every aspect of the course is covered, it will be sent in to the Yoga Alliance for contact and non-contact hours."