Prenatal Kriya Yoga

Teaches the

Mystical Wisdom


a Soul's Rite of Passage

 and Preparing for Motherhood.

Taught by Swami Nibhrtananda 

Prenatal Yoga Pose

Welcome & Namaste!


As a yoga teacher, doula or mid-wife, studying in the

Prenatal Kriya Yoga Home Study Course

 will bring fresh insights to the ancient practice of Yoga. Insights that come from a woman, mother and swami in the Kriya Lineage, Camella Nair. Kriya is a conscious, volitional, engaged spiritual action that is based upon self-discipline and self-study. This prenatal teacher training course brings in all of those elements and more. It is of huge benefit to the teacher, and subsequently, her students.









Prenatal Yoga teacher training course

Prenatal Kriya Yoga

Home Study Course


As well as prenatal yoga poses,

the course covers:

 Anatomy and Physiology

Theory and Philosophy

Case Studies

Typical Prenatal Discussions


 Become more than just a prenatal yoga teacher, and take your teaching, personal practice and self-development to new heights.



"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting,

The soul that rises with us our life's start

has had elsewhere its setting

And cometh from afar

Not in entire forgetfulness

And not in utter nakedness

But trailing clouds of glory do we

come from God who is our home."


Excerpts of "Prenatal Kriya Yoga" have been presented at:

Patricia Farrell Stansky

Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and Birthing Doula, says it beautifully:

"Camella presents a unique opportunity to practice the Yoga teachings as she reaches out to women at their most vulnerable time. This is wise advice from years of experience that carries over even after the birthing experience. Camella, a nurturing foremother, offers precepts to guide women through life's most challenging moments, sensitive to the woman's need for comfort and reassurance. Yoga can offer a gentle caring awareness of the pregnant woman's emerging motherhood, her changing body and its potential suppleness. A woman can gain a measure of control and confidence as well as quiet mindedness which is needed when so much is changing. This embrace of life draws one further inside to find the ultimate Source, which is the goal of Yoga. Camella encourages the woman to trust in the creative process of life. the most important thing you can teach a woman is to trust herself to listen to the inner voice. The world is waiting for that."